Paul C. Perkins Jr.



Upon graduation, Mr. Perkins began representing the interests of insurance companies in their defense of injury claims. Subsequently, he began representing people against insurance companies, and has been doing that exclusively since 1993. Mr. Perkins concentrates his practice in the fields of personal injury and insurance law. In his daily practice, he handles claims involving automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents and wrongful death claims. His insurance practice involves homeowners insurance claims, business insurance claims and automobile damage claims that arise when an insurance company handles the claim improperly.


Despite his professional success, Paul’s true devotion is to his wife of over 20 years and his two children. He also volunteers his time for various organizations, including the Orange County Bar Association Legal Aid Society, the Trinity Preparatory School Board of Trustees,The Safe House of Seminole County Board, the Paul C. Perkins Bar Association, and St Andrew Catholic School in Pine Hills to name a few. He has formerly served as chairman of the 5th District Court of Appeals Nominating Commission, the Trinity Preparatory School Board of Trustees, the Ronald McDonald House Board and the WMFE Board of Trustees. He is a member of Annunciation Catholic Church in Longwood and enjoys mission work in the Dominican Republic and at local prisons.



Biography Overview

Paul C. Perkins, Jr. was born and reared in Orlando, Florida. He developed a passionate desire to seek justice at an early age by watching his father Paul C. Perkins display his skills in court and act as a business and civic leader the community in which they lived. Paul’s parents instilled in him an understanding of the blessings he was given and the obligation he had to society to make an impact. “Of whom much is given, much is required.” After graduating from Trinity Preparatory School, he enrolled at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, surmising that there would be no better place to be prepared to serve than the training ground for some of America’s greatest leaders. At Morehouse, Mr. Perkins finally decided that the best way for him to make an impact was to follow in his father’s footsteps and seek justice in America’s courtrooms on behalf of those less fortunate. Knowing he would be returning to his home town, he enrolled at the University of Florida College of Law in Gainesville.

Mr. Perkins has won many verdicts in Florida Courtrooms, including a recent $5.9 million verdict on behalf of a man whose foot was run over by a forklift while he was working in a local warehouse. More recently, Paul obtained a confidential multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of a man whose arm was traumatically amputated when the automobile he was repairing was knocked off the lift by a co-worker. He has also recently obtained a jury verdict in favor of a young boy who was mauled by a Pit Bull Terrier at a local race track.