Legal Action

Legal Action Against Nursing HomesIf you or a loved one has been injured in a nursing home, please contact us today for your free consultation with Paul & Perkins PA.

Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

Each state has a toll free hotline to contact to report elder abuse. Always be sure to listen to seniors if they are indicating they are being abused. Get as much details as possible, and tell a trusted doctor or call your local hotline.

Insurance and Nursing Homes

The cost of one year in a nursing home is roughly $50,000. Government aid resources like Medicare and Medicaid help foot the bill for many seniors. Long term health insurance is very beneficial for seniors seeking care in a home.

Why you need an attorney

Understanding why you need an attorney for a nursing home abuse injury is complex. Then, choosing the right attorney for your nursing home claim can be very difficult. Contact Paul & Perkins PA today for a free consultation with one of our experience nursing home abuse lawyers.

Nursing Home Regulations and State Laws

Each state has different nursing home regulations and state laws. Feel free to check out our list of compiled states with ongoing nursing home litigation.