Assisted Living

Assisted Living FacilitiesNursing homes as well as assisted living facilities experience different variations of nursing home abuse. While not as common, abuse still occurs in assisted living facilities. Read more to learn more about assisted living facilities in your area.

Florida Assisted Living Laws

Assisted living facilities, also known as ALF, have strict rules and regulations. The goal of an ALF is to create an environment that is more home-like. Generally seniors have more freedom in ALF’s but each ALF is licensed to provide a certain amount of personal care. Learn more about assisted living laws.

Assisted Living Abuse

Like nursing home abuse, negligence and abuse occurs at assisted living facilities frequently across the United States each day. State laws and regulations hold these facilities to a certain standard, but sometimes that standard is not met.

Appropriateness of the Facility

Each assisted living facility is meant to meet a certain standard of care and appropriateness. Each facility must have qualified staff members and the grounds must meet a certain sanitary code for the residents of the ALF.