Nursing Home Report Cards by State – Indiana, Texas & Louisiana in Last Place

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July 30, 2013
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August 13, 2013

A Florida agency, which specializes in elder care within our nursing homes, has recently published a report card grading each state’s overall ability to provide the proper care. It was the first ever a state-by-state nursing home report card has ever been released. Families for Better Care is the name of the leading advocacy group from the state of Florida which recently published the report.

States were ranked and graded based off of numerous conditions. Eight different federal quality measures were used in order to determine scores.

States doing the best overall included New Hampshire, Alaska and Rhode Island. States with the lowest marks included Indiana, Louisiana and Texas.

Four overall states received failing grades (Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana and Georgia). Texas was awarded by the Families for Better Care advocacy group as the state with the worst nursing home care. Surprisingly Alaska was named the state with the highest quality of care.

Overall these findings conclude that our nation has a severe issue when it comes to providing the proper elder care for our seniors. Some states performed much better than others. But while these grades seem fair and just with determining a grade from the evidence of eight different guidelines, I believe these investigations can even go further.  But this was an outstanding job by the advocacy group  Families for Better Care. A great start to tracking the care of our homes nationally. Well done.

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